School of Social Work – Continuing Education Series

Why Continue Education?

Continuing education is  part of life-long learning in many professions. It is especially important for those of us in the health and human services sector because of the tremendous responsibility we have to our clients. This responsibility means being competent in the areas that we practice and the need to provide the latest approaches in treatment and care.

At the School of Social Work, University of Nevada, Reno, we take the responsibility of providing opportunities for members of the helping professions to continue their pursuit of new knowledge.

Presenting the School of Social Work Continuing Education Series

The School of Social Work is dedicated to the values and commitments of the social work profession through education, research and public service. It prepares effective and ethical social workers who challenge injustice and promote a more humane world.  To this end, we present the School of Social Work CEU Series, drawing upon the expertise of our faculty and community leaders.